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Saturday, May 20, 2006

schools out!

Yesterday was a loud one in Ljubljana. All that could be heard throughout the day was the constant, annoying, infuriating, make-you-wanna-kill-someone, blowing of whistles.
This was the last week of school for the kids doing their final year, and so to keep in with a recent tradition, that meant all of the leavers from both Ljubljana and Maribor gathered here in the city, all decked out in orange t-shirts, to attempt to break the Guinness world record for the most people dancing, or something like that, to be honest I don't know exactly what.
Anyway, the record was successfully broken in the morning, but then for the rest of the day, the whole day, these orange people walked around the city centre blowing whistles. Why? Who knows!!!
In the evening they all gathered for a huge outside disco, whistles still being blown at full pelt, and all I can say is I'm glad I don't have the misfortune of having to live too close to that party location!
Anyway, I don't wanna put just a downer on the day. Slovenia has one of the toughest education systems in the world, and these kids have worked hard to get through it all. So letting them have a day to let their hair down and annoy the rest of the city I guess is fair enough.


At 2:21 am, Blogger Pete said...

I really like your photoblog! It's awesome. I, like millions of other 20somethings, have been to beautiful Ljubljana ...and eaten at the Hot Horse (as recommended in someone's guidebook) and swum at a waterpark. The water park was nice. Seeing pics of the city is bringing back good memories.

I spent most of my time in the old town, and loved the fruit at the Sunday market, but I wonder, is there a new-section of the city with avant garde buildings?

Where do school leavers go to party in Slovenia? The coast? On the Australian beaches, school leavers get very drunk and have massive dance parties and, sadly, stabbings and rapes etc. There is far too much alcohol.


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