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Monday, May 01, 2006

Deadly cyclists

Throughout Spring and Summer you need to be very careful when walking around town. Why? Because of the hazards caused by speedy cyclists and roller-bladers.
The locals are bad enough, but at least they kind of stick to the unwritten rules when it comes to being careful around pedestrians. Tourists are a different story! All over town there are points like this one in the picture where for a small fee you can rent a bike. All of the bikes look the same, not very attractive or 'cool'. But this uniformity serves a good purpose; when you see when hurtling down the pavement towards you, just stand dead still, make yourself as small and thin as possible, and wait for it to pass! They're lethal otherwise! :-)


At 3:03 pm, Blogger dutchie said...

Hi there! Used this day to update all the new links and came across Ljublana (the name alone already deserves a blog!)
Concerning the lethal bikers; i must say, seeing the wet cobblestones, i'd have a hard time too keeping my bike on track and being Dutch i think i can honestly say, i am a pro where it comes to bikes and rain ;)

At 3:56 pm, Blogger Edwin Sumun said...

Welcome to the Daily Photo family!

Looking forward to your pictures of life in Ljubljana. And yes, I'll take your advice and stay clear or tourists on hired bicycles ;)


At 6:12 am, Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said...

Welcome to the photo family. Your photos and write-ups are great. I am also from England and get homesick on a regular basis. You learn to live with it. I have been hear 40 years and still think of England as home.

At 6:38 am, Blogger Eric said...

I'm in agreement with Dutchie...looks cold and wet and dangerous!


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