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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Are we still in the city?

Yesterday the sun came back out. Girlfriend was gonna be on the computer all day studying, nothing was on the telly, and nothing was open because it was a holiday. I decided to see some part of the city that I've never seen before. In the little over two years that I've been here, I had never been to the city's zoo before. In fact, I didn't even know exactly where it was.
I took the bus to the other side of the city, then had to walk for another half an hour (I had been told that the walk would take me 5-10 mins!)
It wasn't a normal walk though, it took me through the forest. I didn't even know we had such a forest with nature walk paths and tracks. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. The city just seemed to disappear for a short amount of time, I was at one with nature. Well, at one with nature and all the old hikers and joggers.
Eventually I found the zoo, which is part of the forest, giving you 19 hectares, or 4km of sight-seeing paths.
After leaving the zoo I decided I would walk the long distance home, and went in the opposite direction to that which I had come from. So yesterday I did the full circle for the first time.
As always, I had my camera with me, and here are two shots I took in the forest.
The top one is a sign explaining some of the nature that can be found there.


At 4:48 pm, Blogger Kris said...

:) must be nice walking through those woods , are the animals free to walk around?

At 5:28 pm, Blogger ljubljana_photo said...

It was nice to walk around there, yes. In answer to your question, unfortunately in the zoo some of the animals really don't have a lot of space to walk around. Some do. But the chimps, for example, were in quite a small space and didn't look too comfortable.
I may be wrong though.


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